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Infrared Inspection

Infrared thermal hand clock

Discover hidden issues with our infrared inspection services. Our experienced team detects electrical faults, water ingress, and energy losses in commercial and industrial buildings. As a trusted Certified Home Inspector, we offer tailored Comprehensive Property Inspection, ensuring your property's safety and efficiency. Choose Northway Home Inspection for expert Residential Home Inspection. Contact us now to learn about Home Inspection Cost.

Infrared Certified
infrared certified thermography inspector

I See Things Other Inspectors Can't

Uncover hidden issues with advanced infrared scans. I'm your Certified Home Inspector, using cutting-edge IR cameras to find energy loss, moisture problems, electrical hotspots, and more. Choose Northway Home Inspection for trusted Property and Real Estate Inspection. Explore beyond the surface.

InterNACHI® Infrared Certified® Thermography Inspector

My clients often seek assistance with water stains on their ceilings, wanting to pinpoint the source of the issue. While thermography can detect water presence, it's most effective when combined with a quality moisture meter. I investigate attics for roof leaks, HVAC duct condensation, and pipe issues. However, the camera alone isn't magic – it provides clues that, when combined with other data, identify defects.

A thermal imaging camera is a valuable tool, but proper usage requires training. I'm certified by InterNACHI® and trained in building science, understanding how water and heat move. I grasp the physics, equipment, and applications of thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging detects temperature variations. It's used to evaluate the building envelope, exposing energy loss, moisture, electrical problems, and structural issues.

My infrared camera reveals heat, not just shapes and colors. Its value lies in accurate usage and interpretation. Owning a camera doesn't make me a thermographer – expertise does.

Looking for Property Inspection, Real Estate Inspection, or Home Inspection Services? Trust the Certified Home Inspector at Northway Home Inspection for comprehensive insights. Your top choice for Residential Inspection and quality Thermal Imaging expertise.

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